About us

At Epiito we develop engaging and interactive solutions for healthcare, smart city and manufacturing

With our solutions we enable our customers to involve their stakeholders and optimize the project based on enlightened decisions. The outcome is increased support for the project, better space utilization, improved workflows and a more open and more efficient project planning.

We help our clients gain a shared understanding through involvement and co-creation – regardless of team size, composition and physical location.


Architecture and urban development is all about people. Enabling communication in order to create understanding is at the heart of all our solutions.”

— Jonas N. Salih – Founder and CEO, Epiito

Research & Development

At Epiito’s Research & Development department we strive to develop and produce market leading VR software and hardware solutions. One of our main objectives in our R&D department is to create intuitive, easy to use and value adding products.

Usability is key! You don’t have to be a tech-genius to use Epiito’s products, we thrive to enhance usability in all our offerings. (But don’t worry, we have the technical aspects covered)

We Provide

Market leading services

Epiito is a Danish company with an international perspective. Our aim is to create market-leading 3D hardware and software for 1:1 scale prototyping for healthcare, Smart cities and manufacturing.

3D value creation

We truly believe that communication and knowledge-sharing is key to success. Hence providing co-creation solutions is a central part of our endeavours. We create solutions that add value to projects.

Simulations and presentations

We ensure that our 3D models generate shared understanding, and provide solutions for employee training and troubleshooting independent of location. They are also an effective and sales-increasing marketing tool.


Epiito Copenhagen
Main Office

Strandlodsvej 6B
3rd floor
2300 Copenhagen

Phone: +45 70 215 215
Mail: hallo@epiito.com

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Epiito Aarhus

Viborgvej 159A
8210 Aarhus V

Phone: +45 70 215 215
Mail: hallo@epiito.com

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Epiito Bloxhub

Bryghuspladsen 8
Indgang C, 3. Sal
1473 København K

Phone: +45 70 215 215
Mail: hallo@epiito.com

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Epiito Dubai

Villa 208, Al Beteel Street
Al Thanya Road. Umm Suqeim 2
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +45 70 215 215
Mail: hallo@epiito.com

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