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Complete Eco System

Our cloud solution allows you to connect from you favorite device no matter if your are using our Epiito Studio, a mobile viewer all. The Epiito Cloud contains all you need to do virtual prototyping.

Based On Open Standards

Our solution relies on Open Standards and we support IFC and BCF to enable an open and non proprietary setup allowing access from commonly used platforms as Revit, Sketchup, Archicad, Tekla, ect.

Quick and easy setup

Simply import your IFC projects into the Epiito Editor and distribute it to all your viewers and users. Epiito Editor also allow you to tweak the graphics, POI´s(Point of interest), embed 360 photos and much more.


Co-create different alternatives of your future building or urban area with other users of the Epiito Cloud in realtime. Rapidly test and validate designs, by trying out workflow together with others. Experience the space and furnish it in the most suitable way and propose changes to the consultancy team.

Federated Model

Import your discipline models all at once, and explore your project with all it´s complexity. Individual models, and IFC types can be turned on/off in our viewers to support the ongoing discussions that usually take place in the virtual environment.

Distributed Environment

Once uploaded to the Epiito Cloud, your projects are accessible from all your viewers. The Multi User functionality allow users to experience and manipulate projects together in Real Time – from any location and any device.

Point of Interest

Set-up POI´s (Point of interest) to allow your users to quickly navigate to different parts of your project. You can even add 360 photos to your POI´s and show realistic renderings of that specific spot to your users.

Playerlist Spectate Mode

Using the participant’s list, you can either spectate another user by following his/her view or jump to other users’ locations using the jump to function. This allows you to easily navigate through the project together.


Voice Chat

To allow natural communication and interaction in the virtual environment we offer 3D Spatial voice chat. This allows the users to talk to each other and feel the presence of each other within the space.

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