Prototyping and reviewing in 1:1 scale enables communication, secures understanding and provides knowledge that is fundamental for qualified decisions

Combining our VR Studio / CAVE Computer Automated Virtual Environment hardware with our VR Cloud software provides the ideal set up for an integrated design approach. Covering everything from pre-design and conceptual design over construction to operation and Facilities Management the integrated design approach allows stakeholders to collaborate, co-create, and decide upon design solutions. Every parameter is considered and developed from an overall life cycle perspective. Utilizing the benefits of prototyping from the early design stages, where value-adding and beneficial adjustments are less costly to incorporate than they are in later project stages, secures better processes, economy and overall project quality.

Prototyping the Building Life Cycle

The benefits of prototyping and employing 1:1 scale digitale models are multiplied when employed throughout all phases: from the pre-design phases to operations. Discover the value increasing benefits in various phases.

Pre-design services

Keep it simple! How many square meters do we need? And how do we secure that the logistics are right? In the pre-design phase it’s all about getting the basics sorted out. By keeping it simple, it’s possible to focus on the overall design with a prototype that uses an absolute minimum of objects.

  • Co-create and shape in a 1:1 scale live environment

  • Determine number of required square meters

  • Layout overall infrastructure

  • Secure logistics

  • Include all necessary functions

Coneptual design

Start adding functions and run initial tests. Once the basics are agreed upon, it’s time become increasingly more specific by adding various functions and use the prototype to validate each decision that is made. The prototype can also be used to communicate with end-users and authorites.

  • Co-create and shape in a 1:1 scale live environment

  • Determine number of required square meters

  • Layout overall infrastructure

  • Secure logistics

  • Include all necessary functions

Schematic design/Design development

Analyzing and testing solutions in the digital prototype makes it less costly to incorporate changes and adjustments than in real life. Using VR prototypes makes it possible to run user sessions, reassure the overall project quality and assemble input from collaborators.

  • Test and analyze solutions developed for the project

  • Involve users and maintenance staff for their feedback

  • Optimize the project and verify solutions

  • Develop and test wayfinding solutions

  • Reassure quality in 1:1 scale sessions

  • Assemble input from all involved AEC professionals

Construction documents/construction/FM

After creating an as-built-model constructors can use the digital prototype to develop building site logistics and address safety issues in 1:1 scale. Before and during operations VR studio can be used for staff training, and building owners can digitally plan and handle maintenance issues.

  • Run and test building-site logistic, control and safety issues

  • Train staff, e.g. service workers, healthcare personnel and craftsmen

  • Create best practice solutions for operation and maintenance

  • Agree upon an as-built 3D model

  • Plan renewals and maintenance

How much will prototyping save you

Better projects – at a lower cost

Incorporating adjustments in the digital model might take an hour. Rebuilding a nearly completed operating room might take weeks. Using our 1:1 scale virtual reality solutions as part of an integrated design process has a positive effect on project quality, time and economy. Testing, verifying and agreeing upon design decisions in the early phases make it less costly to adjust the project according to user and client needs and to solve issues than adjusting the project at later phases.